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Professional Firms

Qatar is a flourishing place for international investors because you will find many segments where you can grow your fund with steady and secure financial processes. The foreign investors that want to setup their business can setup their professional firm in Qatar to practice their professional practice here. The firm setup in the Qatar will be regarded as a professional company. In this setup there is no restriction of the 51% shares to the local Qatari partners as in the LLC or Limited Liability Company. Some of the details in this regard are as mentioned below:

  • The local service agent will not have any direct involvement in your business
  • Appointment of the Qatari national will need to be made as your local service agent
  • You are allowed to carry out non commercial activities. You can obey or serve your parent company in this region, but you cannot make any change or open a new venture in this city.
  • The local service agents are paid on the local profit percentage or a lump sum on the turnover of your professional firms

When you partner with us for your professional firm formation you get the benefit of our in-depth knowledge of the local market and extensive experience in this field. These qualities also help us to understand the precise needs of your business.

What is our role?

When it comes to establishing your professional firms we handle the responsibility to supervise your entire process. This process will include our strategic inputs and well defined and organized business plans. Some of the highlights in our services are:

  • Drafting the partnership agreements and the MOA. Every professional firm needs to complete their documentation, and firstly they need to show their partnerships or ownership documents to the government. In this regards it is necessary to prepare all proprietorship documents properly, before you start the business.
  • You will need to get clearances and approvals from various government departments and there are strict norms to be followed. We will help you in this process and will guide you all the way till completion.
  • We will help you in opening bank accounts with the reputed and hassle free banks in Qatar. We will recommend you a perfect banking partner by understanding your business needs so that this can prove to be a compliment for your business.
  • Since we are in the Qatar market for so many years, we will assist you in finding the right office location for your business setup.
  • We will help you find the local service agents so that you can be relaxed and focus on other vital elements of your business.
  • There are a lot of documentation formalities that need to be taken care of. We will help in this regard and will provide you extensive support and help in order to handle the professional firm establishment process in a smooth and hassle free manner.

Setting up your professional firm


There are a wide range of possibilities that you have with regard to setting up your firm. If you have a existing firm in your country and want to open up a branch in Qatar, you can definitely do it in Qatar and the branch office you have here will be 100% foreign owned. If it is a branch office then it will not be a completely separate legal entity, but it can be also an extension of the parent company setup that you have in other country. In this setup, the branch office in the Qatar will be acting in behalf of the foreign company and carrying out their business.

In order to get guidance and assistance in this regard our professionals will first understand your business needs and then recommend you the effective steps and business plan to continue with your successful venture.