Payroll Outsourcing Sharjah

Payroll Process and Management

At HLB Qatar we offer a wide range of payroll solutions to our clients. The needs vary from client to client and some of them need a fully featured payroll process management services and some need limited payroll process services. We provide a wide range of payroll management services under a comprehensive mode of applications, and companies can easily regulate their payroll system through our professionals. Mentioned below are some of the services that may be just right for you.

  • Processing of salary including the bonus, overtime, incentives and so on
  • Efficient maintenance of payroll information of all your employees
  • Perfect coordination with the HR department or the company
  • We prepare and deliver the payment slip in the client’s desired format for every employee
  • Salary payments disposed in multi currency
  • Preparing proper transfer letter to banks
  • EOSB calculations
  • Timely and effective coordination for work permits
  • Preparing the accrual reports for the company
  • Travel expenses management of the employee
  • (WPS) Wage protection system setup and payment assistance
  • Employee self service portal that is effective for leave management

Benefit for your company

  • Savings in your system maintenance time and cost
  • Pay slips that are customized according to your business needs
  • Save your company from investing in the expensive payroll software
  • Payroll processing that is accurate and delivered on time
  • Management and support to understand the local labor law and regulations
  • Preparation of the “txt” files to the bank
  • Provide you flexibility so that you can be equipped to accept the changes in the organization
  • Every month timely reconciliation report
  • Timely JV’s every month for accounting entry
  • Single contact point and a payroll process management specialist for all the support needed. This is related to the prompt and accurate processing of your payroll and is available to answer any of your questions
  • Automated process to get notification for expiring documents
  • Break up of salary: department wise and profit wise

You security is covered

Security is the major concern for all the business and it is also one of our primary concerns. We make sure that the security of our clients is safeguarded. We possess the ISO 27001: 2013 certification and so our clients can be sure that all their information is safe with us. All the payroll details the clients provide us are protected with the help of encryption and so you can be sure about the security and safety aspect of your information. We have the standard of customizing the user levels and this provides only specific people in the organization to view details.

Complete assurance in current scenario

In order to ensure the confidentiality of data there is a coding system used. All the confidential details and data are only communicated to the person agreed to and mentioned in the non disclosure signed by both the parties. This process is strictly implemented and so the clients can be assured of a strict confidentiality policy in the modern scenario.

Through our data protection system, we keep all your information in our secure system. We have included some encryption in this safe-guard software and people need to access these payroll management systems with this customized secure system only. So, all the information of the company is kept securely in our server.

Regardless of the size of your organization you can be sure to experience unmatched services from us. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and we stick to strict quality management system and there is a strong protocol that we all at HLB Qatar follow in this regard.