Our vision


We have been providing our auditing and assurance services in the Middle East regions from many years and even now our aim is to be the most preferred financial and business advisory service partner in this region. As a reputed business management consultancy, HBL is committed to serve every financial field including auditing, finance and assurance, business consulting and business management. Currently we have included many crucial segments like human resource, information technology and payroll outsourcing to minimize your work load. We are aiming to cover all of your business needs and solve them with the best comprehensive applications. In this regards, we are happy to announce that HBL is treated as one of the most trustworthy consultancies because of reliability, government and banking affiliation and for being the member of the chamber of commerce in UAE.

Our Mission

  • Since our aspirations are high we are always on our toes to maintain our quality standards in all the projects that we handle. Our services are far more important that the time in which we provide service and so quality is always a priority for us.
  • In monitoring and managing their financial resources, we want to form a collaborative relationship with our clients and make use of the state of the art technology.
  • With enterprising and professionals from diverse fields and nationalities our mission is to build and energize a collaborative culture.
  • With our immense experience and expertise we want to help our clients solve even the most complex issues and in the meantime suggest ways and procedures that will help to add value to meet the global standards and business requirements of our esteemed clients.

Knowing your business

We have a team of certified and experienced professionals who specialize in providing valuable services according to their specialized area or field. In order to come up with a detailed picture of the client business and its objectives our client service team arranges a meeting with the operational managers and financial managers.

  • First we try to understand the high risk areas of the business and our clients’ needs and then we work for ways that will help to control those risks in effective and proven methods.
  • In order to help our clients take effective business decisions we make sure that our idea and new procedures are regularly communicated to our clients, and most importantly we make sure to provide these in the regional languages so that they can understand and they can implement their professional agreement in their business with all necessary resources and research.
  • Our aim is so understand the areas of risk clearly before recommending any suggestions and ways in which to control them and so our dedicated staff makes every effort to ask our clients the targeted questions regarding the same.

Excellent support

Our role as providing advice on business issues in a complex environment we try to implement all the ways that will help to add value to our clients. One effective way we accomplish this is by being pro active in providing solutions to our clients. We try to help our clients to understanding the various needs of their business and to implement the needed changes in order for them to improve their business. We keep a close understanding of the market and the risks associated with the various businesses and as a result we are able to recommend the various ways in which the risks can be controlled.

We build our businesses on values such as trust, confidentiality, quality and consistency and so you can be sure that none of your requirements will go unnoticed and every aspect of your business will be taken good care of.