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Qatar is considered to be one of the most progressive companies in the Middle East and it also provides a lot of opportunities and businesses infrastructure to the expats. The population in Qatar is quite low and so there is a huge need of businesses, workers and company formation from oversees in order to help boost the current economic growth of the country. Those who are willing to open new companies or branches in Qatar and Middle East countries, can contact with us, and we can help you to complete your documentation and license process and open up the new set-up of your company.

There are certain company formation regulations and in order to meet with the specific requirements of the country. HLB Qatar will help you from the inception of the idea to the implementation and ongoing support that you will need in this regard.

Setting up company in Qatar

  • One of the most common forms of a company setup in Qatar is with limited liability, which is also known as the LLC. When you setup a LLC, you are in a way also protecting your personal assets. So in the future, if the business is not working due to end number of reasons and there is a time to declare bankruptcy you do not have the risk of losing in on your personal assets. Business and assurance policies of government are really a beneficial tool for all, because you can open your business without any risk. If you complete the legalities of the government then you need not worry about the business and market risk in any manner.
  • Another important element that you need to consider getting is a local sponsor and HLB Qatar will help you to do so effectively. Unlike the other countries when you are planning to form Main land companies in Qatar you will need to have a local business sponsor who will sponsor you and provide you the local information to progress along the way. Although they are not necessarily required to invest a capital in the company, the local shareholder will need to have 50% of the shares.
  • The need for sponsor or a business shareholder is not required in all the types of businesses and companies formation. There is a long list of possibilities and in order to get a better idea regarding your company setup we at HLB Qatar will help you get a better solution.

Important aspects of setting main land companies

If there is a need for the local sponsor in your business you will need to open a bank account with at least QR 200,000 required for the company formation. Before you start your business you will also need to make sure that you have the right visa to carry out the business. You will need to register your business with the appropriate ministry and Qatar chamber of commerce as well. Some of the other important requirements are:

  • Organizing a company seal and also registering with the tax office is required
  • Obtain a proper business and signage license

All these tasks will need you to have strong professional contact in the Qatar market and this is where HLB Qatar will help you. We can help you in many aspects including the formation of your business, legalities, documentation, license, auditing, taxes, human resources and business policies.

Our professionals are experienced in this regard to get timely and professional help one each step of your business. Once you contact us we will analyze your business needs and after considering the specific rules and regulations will recommend you the way to move ahead with setting up your business in Qatar.