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Employee Self Service Portal

Employee self-service portal is the latest trend in most of the leading companies. We provide our clients with the self-service portal that works as an efficient HR services gateway. This feature is provided as a web-based module and this provides the employer and the employee the facility to access the needed information from wherever they want. Through this service portal, employee and company professionals can easily access all their employment-related information from the server and share their important mails or connect with other parts of the company. It can be located or accessed from any location, with a secured password. Some of the noteworthy features of the ESS are mentioned below:

Personal details

An employee and employer can anytime view the details such as name, father’s name, PAN, DOB, Email id and address. The employee can send the needed update requests to the managers whenever there is a need for it and these changes will be reflected in the personal details. These personal details will be uploaded or verified by the human resource department. Apart from that, people can easily access their personal information through this self-service portal, and they can also change the necessary data as per their requirements. It is not a social platform where people can share their informal comments and images. This is a completely official segment where only company professionals can enter and only they can access the official information.

Employee dashboard

The ESS dashboard is quite user friendly and as a result it provides the information about the performance, holidays, planned leaves, vacation records, and the attendance just at a glance. This works out to be a great reflector system for the employee and any details can be accessed whenever there s a need to do so. The employee can easily access the records and also plan well for the days ahead.

Bank details available

There is a feature to reflect the bank details on this portal; and as a result, the employee can add the bank details for salary and increment issue. The bank account details are used by the HR for the payment of salary to the employee. So if the employees need to change their bank details then they can easily make these changes through this portal. The respective human resource department shall incorporate with these new changes and release the salary to the new account details only.

Management of assets

This is a great feature for the company; and with the help of this option, the company administration can keep proper track record of the assets given to the employee.

Management of document

With the help of ESS portal, the employee can instantly submit any important document to the HR department as and when the need arises. This portal helps them to save on the time and the efforts to manage the documents.

Birthday of the employee

The dashboard on the employee and HR department screen reflects any upcoming birthdays in the company. The ESS portal also has an added feature to send in their birthday wishes to the employee.

Instant announcements

The company managers have the option to sending a news flash to all the employees of their company. The ESS portal makes it possible to send these announcements instantly and to all the employees. For a company this feature adds an effective means of communicating any alerts and instant messages to their employees.

At HLB Qatar, we have the dedicated specialists that work as a single point of contact to our clients for any information, updates and changes related to their ESS portal. We help our clients from the inception to the installation of this postal in their system and effectively manage it so that the clients can focus on the core functionalities of their business in an efficient manner.