Branch and Subsidiary Companies

Most of the foreign companies realize the potential in Qatar market and have setup their branches and commercial representative offices in Qatar.  A foreign company can open a temporary branch office in Qatar under the foreign investment law governing in Qatar.  Under the UAE Commercial Company Law (13) of 1988, all foreign companies and entrepreneurs can open their branch offices in UAE and Qatar. Those who are willing to open their respective branches in Middle East countries, they can start their journey from UAE by opening their new branches in this region.

Qatar laws related to setup

The Qatar laws state that the foreign companies that are performing specific contracts with the government and the semi-government organizations can setup their branch offices in the country.

  • Opening a branch office does not require a foreign company to have a local partner or a sponsor and so the process is less cumbersome.
  • Such branches are taxable and they are not allowed to carry out commercial activities other than the ones that are mentioned in their contract.
  • The branch office or the subsidiary setup here is allowed to build and expand the commercial relationships.  Companies can expand their business within their parent companies only and they cannot launch or open any new separate company under this company act.
  • It is the ministry of business and trade that has the right to provide the license to the above mentioned offices. Companies or corporations need to get the permission from the regulatory authority of UAE before they start their branch, and in this regards HBL can help you to complete all these documentation procedures.
  • In the agreement, the foreign company can appoint a local agent or a Qatari company to market the goods and the services in the local market.
  • In the recent years, the ministry of business and trade has simplified the license procedures and is welcoming market for foreign companies to open their branch offices and subsidiaries in Qatar.

How does HBL can help you to open subsidiaries branches in Qatar?

We supervise the complete setup of the establishment of the branch and subsidiary company in Qatar. Some of our services include.

  • Since there are various departments and government organizations that need to provide the needed approvals we help our clients to get these clearances in an easy process.
  • We help our clients in drafting the local service agent agreement. We are efficient in this process because we know the various laws and regulations related to branch office establishment in Qatar.
  • Helping to open up bank account for your office. This is a crucial decision and after we understand your business needs we will recommend you with the best of the options so that the bank can be complementing to your business needs.
  • We will assist you in finding a right office location so that you can focus on the other core functionalities of your business.
  • We have good contacts in the Qatar market and so we can help you find the local agent that is best suited for your business needs.
  • There will be a lot of documentation that needs to be done. These include trade license, taxes, authority permission and space management. In this regards, HBL can help you a lot and we can minimize your effort and arrange all of these documentation procedure within the stipulated timeframe.

Our professional team will help you in this regard. We listen carefully to our clients business needs and then provide them the needed assistance and guidance throughout the process. The immense experience and expertise of our team in guiding with the formation of your branch office will help you handle this process in a smooth and hassle free way.