Audit Service Sharjah

Audit and assurance

Our aim at HLB Qatar is to meet all your business needs and in order to do that we offer you a wide range of our audit and assurance services. We have perfectly blended advanced technology with the nuances of financial segments, and we present a new age of auditing and assurance system. Through our comprehensive methods of auditing, people can find minor signals within few seconds by registering the respective unit or commands in these systems. We focus on the crucial risk areas of our clients businesses; and once we get a detailed knowledge of your company, we provide you with the needed guidance to improve your overall business goals.

Our principal service

With many years of experience in this field, we understand the fact that all our clients’ requirements are different. So first, we try to understand our clients’ needs and then we tailor our approach accordingly. We follow a very high standard of assurance, review, auditing, quality control, and other services that are issued by the (IFAC) International Federation of accounts. We always focus on those areas where our clients face some complications, and we gradually solve these problems with some significant methods and make them understand the further process to avoid such complications in future.


Understanding our client’s needs

We have specialized teams working with us in order to interact with our clients. Our team organizes meetings with the operational and financial managers, and tries to understand the needs of our clients. The meetings are organized to get a detailed picture of our client’s particular business objectives and the kind of business they operate. Then our team analyzes the high-risk areas and the areas that need improvement. Then our professional and researchers make a detailed audit and assurance up-gradation report on the company, and we include all the prospects and suggestion for betterment in these reports. Through these significant documentation, company professionals can easily pursue their further projects and implement their new decision with all resources.


Our standards to provide client service

  • Get to know our clients
  • Get a clear idea about what our clients expect from us
  • Provide a efficient and experienced contact in the same time zone as our clients
  • Provide regular training to our teams in order to be efficient and keep up with the latest trends
  • Effectively execute the client service plan on time
  • Establish a system wherein effective and creative ideas and procedures can be easily communicated
  • Provide suggestions and changes after a careful research and study about our client’s business
  • Critical issues and assessments are effectively and meticulously taken care of
  • Provide value for money services in audit and assurance

Use of advanced technology

Our audit approach is always latest and according to the current trend across the globe. We make use of the latest information technology in order to provide efficient solutions. The three major parts of audit and assurance like planning, executing and also the reporting is done by using the latest information technology. Our audit software team develops latest and comprehensive software that contains effective documenting, analyzing, communicating, managing, extracting, reviewing, interrogating and presenting the audit process to our clients.


Audit services

  • Information systems audit and risk management
  • External audit
  • Internal audit and control system reviews

Assurance services

  • Due diligence
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Business valuations
  • Business restructuring
  • Liquidation services
  • Agreed upon procedures, reviews and also the compilations
  • Forensic and other investigations

Audit and assurance services need the involvement of experienced and skilled professionals having immense knowledge in this field, and so we make sure to have dedicated teams to handle the same.

Our audit services include: